Business Type

  • Registered Business
  • Not-for-Profit/ Charity
  • Self-Employed
Whether you are a registered business, a not-for-profit/ charity or self-employed, you need to protect your assets. Insurance helps guard your property, supplies, business vehicles and equipment from loss, unforeseen accidents, and other business related hazards. It keeps your business running smoothly should the unexpected occur.
  • Home-Based Business
Running your business from your home? Note that this is not covered by your home-owners' policy. Consider additional riders or full business insurance, depending on the nature of your business

Business Needs

  • Liability - (General, Product, Professional)
Liability insurance protects against losses sustained through, for example, product failure, service errors, malpractice and similar issues.
  • Peril-specific & All-risks*
  • Business Interruption
You may also want to consider Peril-specific insurance (which covers the buildings, equipment and contents against specific types of losses including fires, floods or vandalis). All-risk policy to cover buildings, equipment, and contents against damages caused by a wide range of events; or a Business Interruption policy.


  • Workers Compensation
  • Disability
  • Health Benefits
  • Group Life
  • Volunteer Insurance
  • Director's Insurance
Businesses with employees are required by law to provide certain types of insurance: workers' compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, and, depending on where the business is located, disability insurance.

You may also want to protect your most important assets - your employees – with group or individual health and life policies to build a strong and stable workforce.
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