• Cyber
  • Identity Theft
Cyber risks and identity theft are, unfortunately a very real threat in today's world, at home and especially for your business.
  • Pre-paid Legal
You might also want to consider a pre-paid legal plan - it is like having an attorney on retainer without the expense, giving you access to a nationwide network of attorneys and legal resources.


  • Travel
Trip of a lifetime, regular business travel, and anything in between – protect your plans, your health and your family with insurance that relieves the worries of those 'what would happen if…' scenarios when away from home.
  • Event
  • Wedding
Event insurance is a requirement if you are organizing special events for groups of people. Whether you are running a fundraising event for a charitable organization or a sporting competition, a conference or even your own wedding, most venues will require that you have insurance before you can book the space. You will also want to cover yourself against potential losses should you need to cancel or face other challenges.

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