• Auto
  • Truck

All your motorized vehicles, whether primary transportation, business use, or purely pleasure, should have the right insurance protection.

Basic vehicle insurance is required by law. Beyond that, a good policy covers your injuries regardless of fault. It also covers injuries caused to others, loss of or damage to your vehicle and even the cost of a rental car. The best insurance covers you and yours even if the other driver is uninsured.

  • Motorcycle

Did you know….? If you choose not to wear a helmet while riding your motorcycle, the law states that you must have at least $10,000 life insurance? Let us give you a quote.

Recreation Vehicle

  • RV
  • ATV
  • Boat
  • Jet ski
  • Golf Cart
Recreational vehicles are typically covered under your property insurance, not under your auto policies. Only Motor homes have special policies. Do make sure you have the appropriate coverage for all.
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